Welcome to DogePedia

Learn about Dogecoin, the first meme coin. Tell me a joke.

The road map to happiness is full of jokes :p


endless jokes :p, marketing marketing and marketing, there is money everything will happen. funny isn't it?, with money we can also help each other in our real lives :)

about utility?: do you need staking, dapps swap or bridge? that will happen as the strength and cohesion of the community grows. it's easy ;)

The main thing here is what DogePedia is and how this idea was born.

DogePedia is quoted from the DogeCoin website page which explains the history of how the Doge coin was born as the King of Memes, the first meme coin to occupy the crypto palace.

And #DOPE will provide its best performance in the future, such as collecting past doge history, pictures, photos and even an adorable story. which will be packaged on our BLOG, the term is a DOGE museum. who can visit the DogePedia museum? Anyone can as long as they have our official NFT card, which will be launched in the future.

that's our brief explanation. smile and laugh. because laughter is expensive. ahahah

OK, fine, I'll go back to making coffee. regards

For me, math class is like watching a foreign movie without subtitles!



Total Supply: 120,000,000,000

🚀 70% Supply For Liquidity
🚀 5% Supply For The Team
🚀 2% Supply For Community Event
🚀 4,5% Supply For Airdrop old holders stage one ✅
🚀(LOCK) 18,5% Supply For Airdrop old holders stage two, which will be distributed in stages on June 13 2024, if old holders do not claim their tokens by June 12, we will make a vote with the community, for the tokens to be burned or allocated for exchange registration in the future.

Contract Address:
Symbol: $DOPE